Orchestra Baobab (Senegal)

Orchestra Baobab (Senegal)

Location: Promenade
Free entrance.

Orchestra Baobab are one of Africa’s great iconic bands, creators of one of the world’s most sublime and truly distinctive pop sounds. Founded in 1970, Orchestra Baobab fused Afro-Cuban rhythm and Portuguese Creole melody with Congolese rumba, high life and a whole gamut of local styles – kickstarting a musical renaissance in their native Senegal, which turned the capital Dakar into one of the world’s most vibrant musical cities. They produced more hits in less than a decade than other bands in a lifetime. While Baobab found themselves sidelined by the revolution they helped create and disbanded in 1985, a huge groundswell of international interest led to their triumphant reformation in 2001. Orchestra Baobab are still very much in business today.

Following on from a series of international tours, the band recently took up a Dakar club residency for the first time in nearly twenty years, playing hugely popular Saturday night sessions at the Just 4 U club. Here they began developing material for ‘Made in Dakar’, an album that takes them back to their lo-fi roots in the clubs and streets of their home town. ‘Made in Dakar’ presents a string of beautifully crafted new songs alongside reworked gems from their 20 album discography, some of which date back to their apprentice days in the Star Band. ‘Made in Dakar’ squares the circle on a band who suffered a sixteen year career hiatus, but for whom the flame never quite went out.

  15  Jun  2017 ,   Programme 2017

In case of bad weather concerts will be held in Bled Festival Hall instead of Promenade and Bled castle (free entrance). All changes will be published on the official channels of the festival.


Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Leemeta, Samo Senčar, s. p.
Izdelava spletne strani: www.mandu.si
Fotografija Blejski grad: Franci Ferjan


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m: 00386(0)41 632 369

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