La Negra – Colores (Spain)

La Negra – Colores (Spain)

Location: Bled catsle
Entrance fee to the castle: 10 EUR (buy at the entrance)

Amparo Velasco entered the music world in 2006 within the selective artistic concept “Casa Limon”. Before, she began to feel respect for flamenco working with flamenco artists of supreme quality like José Mercé or Vicente Amigo. Undoubtedly, excellent teachers. Her first job could be described as a very pleasant surprise. All, without exception praised her wonderful and amazing voice, new and different. La Negra was born.

It took a long time, perhaps too much, until further news of La Negra. “La que nunca” was released in 2012 and still held a touch of a wonderful quality. Jazz, African and Latin rhythms have a presence alongside the inevitable flamenco roots. Nobody was like her. She was special. 2016 was the year of her final confirmation as a great singer who knows how to excite with her songs. “Colores” will surprise. It is not another album, but an excellent, wonderful work full of emotions in the form of music.12 songs that will stick in everybody’s heart.

  15  Jun  2017 ,   Programme 2017

In case of bad weather concerts will be held in Bled Festival Hall instead of Promenade and Bled castle (free entrance). All changes will be published on the official channels of the festival.


Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Leemeta, Samo Senčar, s. p.
Izdelava spletne strani:
Fotografija Blejski grad: Franci Ferjan


Bled castle:
- Entrance fee
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- Free entrance


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Leo Ličof
m: 00386(0)41 632 369

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