ABAVUKI - South Africa

ABAVUKI - South Africa

Location: Bled Festival Hall

Abavuki are a group of musicians from Langa, a township near Cape Town in South Africa influenced by kwaito, jazz, traditional rhythms, R&B, Motown and Mozart, playing non-stop since 2001.

The name “Abavuki” means “Wake up, early birds!” and refers not only to their youth, but also to their philosophy of seizing the moment and getting things done for themselves. They developed a love for music at a young age and started playing with various groups. Towards the end of 2001, they came together and began creating their unique brand of African Jazz. Using marimbas, percussion and brass instruments they weave traditional African rhythms and melodies into a contemporary format, which is highly danceable and almost Latin American in feel.

  29  Jul  2015 ,   Program 2015 en


Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Alenka Ropret
Izdelava spletne strani: www.mandu.si
Fotografija Blejski grad in Promenada: Aleš Košir in Borut Žigon
Fotografija Festivalna dvorana Bled: Bled strategic forum


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Leo Ličof, artistic director
+386 41 632 369

Uroš Bonšek, PR manager
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