DUO BUD (South Korea)

DUO BUD (South Korea)

Location: Bled castle
Entrance fee to the castle: 10 EUR (buy at the door)

The modern world music group called DUO BUD is the project group organized by Production BUD (Producer Neul-bud Ha). DUO BUD conducts various collaboration projects led by the Janggu player named So-ra Kim. In particular, DUO BUD allows people to enjoy a different kind of music along with the melody of collaborative instruments that are harmonized with the rhythms of Janggu on the basis of the repertoire composed by Mi-ji Yang.

Starting with the percussion collaboration project, DUO BUD has collaborated with a variety of musicians each year to pave a new path for convergence. In 2015, “Korea Percussion DUO BUD was organized to feature a harmony of Janggu and Yanggeum. This year, DUO BUD aims to create a nature of a new color through a harmony of Janggu and Gayageum (Player Ji-hye Lim).

  15  Jun  2017 ,   Programme 2017

In the event of bad weather, concerts will be relocated from the Promenade and the Bled Castle to the Bled Festival Hall (free admission).
Any changes to the programme will be posted online and on social networks.


Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Alenka Ropret
Izdelava spletne strani: www.mandu.si
Fotografija Blejski grad in Promenada: Aleš Košir in Borut Žigon
Fotografija Festivalna dvorana Bled: Bled strategic forum


Bled castle: entrance fee to the castle (10 EUR), buy at the door

Promenade: free entrance

Bled festival hall (for the concerts on 29 & 31 July, 2 August): 10 EUR, mojekrate, TIC Bled (+386 4 574 11 22).



Zavod za kulturo Bled

Špela Repnik, Festival office
+386 4 57 29 779

Leo Ličof, artistic director
+386 41 632 369

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